Ashton Thermal on the jobAshton Thermal, LLC is a small construction company based in north-western Vermont. We began life in 2005 to address the weatherization needs of homeowners who did not meet the low income requirements of the Weatherization Program. Our programs were very similar, both in how we tested and in how we performed high quality work.

Our method was so successful, we became sought after by towns and schools, as well as businesses to perform our services in those environments. While somewhat different than a dwelling, these customers have the same concerns as everyone else: Comfort and cost savings.

While we certainly haven’t run out of opportunities to crawl around in attics and neglected basements, we have formally expanded into other areas of construction and home repair . We have long performed these tasks, but on an informal, as needed basis.

Ashton Thermal is different from many others in our field in offering flat rate pricing. That means that you know the price before work begins – no time and materials, no guessing if you’re being billed while the crew eats lunch. We think that this is a more comfortable arrangement for most homeowners, and they tell us it’s true.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please use the nearby contact form, or give us a call.

John Ashton